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Nationally Qualifying Teams and Individuals
Posted: 3-17-2015 11:35pm EST

Listed below are all the qualifying teams and individuals for the 2015 National NASP Tournament. Included in the lists below are the registration dates for both teams and individuals:

2015 Indiana NASP State Tournament
Scores & Results Available Now
Posted: 3-15-2015 12:41pm EST

We want to congratulate all our shooters on a job well done. The 2015 Indiana NASP State Tournament Official Scores and Results are now posted at the links belows. Again, on behalf of the entire Tournament Staff, we want to thank each and every shooter on a job well done!

Let them know...
We want to invite everyone who attended the Indiana NASP State Tournament to join us on facebook and share all the positive stories that made this tournament one of our best yet. We really want all shooters to know that we are very proud of each and every student who took the journey to the State Tournament. We want to encourage positive feed back on our social media outlets, as we hope to encourage all our shooter to enjoy Indiana NASP.

Help Us...
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions that could help make the 2016 Tournament even better, we ask that you use This Link (Click Here) to send us all your ideas or concerns. Again, thank you for your patience, support, and dedication to all these young shooters. We really believe we all are changing lives one arrow at a time.