State Tournament

The 2013 Indiana NASP State Tournament Rules Pack is available for download now.  Use the following link to download:

 2013 Indiana NASP State Tournament Rules Pack (pdf)

 2013 Indiana NASP State Tournament Update: Qualifier Information (pdf)

NASP was introduced in Indiana in early 2005. Since that time, NASP has seen steady growth with new schools being added on a regular basis. NASP teaches archery to elementary, middle and high school students through their gym class at school. We feel this exposure to archery is a vital link to the development of future hunters. One of the challenges to the development of this link is providing ways to keep these young people excited about archery and encourage them to take it to the next step. One way to achieve this is through competition.

On March 9, 2007 Indiana provided the opportunity for that next step. Indiana held its first annual NASP State Archery Tournament. 170 shooters from 8 schools participated. Over 80 students representing 7 of these schools advanced to the National NASP Tournament in Louisville, KY. One of the school teams brought the National NASP Spirit Award home to Indiana. We feel this was a very successful first step.

In 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Indiana held subsequent state tournaments. Each year our numbers have increased dramatically. Our 2011 tournament had approximately 950 registered shooters representing 43 schools. Of these teams and individuals, 675 shooters representing 28 schools competed in the National Tournament. All of our shooters competed well! Indiana is home to the second place Elementary Female shooter and the fourth place High School Male shooter!! This is out of 6,731 shooters representing 35 states. Indiana also boasts the 13th place elementary team, the 21st place middle school team and the 11th place high school team nationally!! Hayden Elementary from Jennings County placed SECOND in the Elementary Division at the WORLD Tournament!

This is where you come in. We are planning our Sixth Annual Tournament on March 16, 2012. We were able to conduct our past tournaments through the support of generous donors. With the enormous growth of this tournament come increased expenses. We are counting on your donations to make the 2012 Indiana tournament another quality experience for our young shooters.